Dream it. Own it

It’s so affordable; you wouldn’t need to think twice to make your first purchase. And it’s packed with features you wouldn’t easily expect from a product of this price range. Experience it. Dream it. Own it.

Cute, Compact & Easy

Experience the comfort of a compact electric car. Perfect for Kathmandu roads with tight turns. No Gears. And, it’s pollution free. Isn’t it something one has always wanted? Away from the challenges of daily commuting. With Hulas Electric, you are free and at peace. You have to experience it to feel the difference.

It’s cool inside

Just a bit of additional luxury. For you. Something which is already so simple and easy now offers air conditioning. You could definitely get lost in the comfort of your drive.

You are fast

Easy. Comfortable. Cool inside. Compact. And now it’s fast too? Top speed 65 Km/Hour. Don’t get caught for over speeding in narrow roads.

150 km/charge

Explore. Drive. Don’t worry about the charge. You could drive all day and still have some battery power left. How about taking a detour for an evening coffee? You can definitely afford to do that.

We are going green

Things are changing and so are conditions in our environment. We are breathing polluted air. With Hulas electric, you could be helping in the reduction of such harmful gasses realized in the air. Wouldn’t you simply wish to walk around and breath clean air? You do. We all do. Time to change a little in how we do things on a regular basis. One of them is commuting without really affecting the environment. Take this step. Be different. Be unique. Make a statement. You are just there with Hulas Electric.

Da Vinci was born in Nepal

Take the pride of owning something made in your own country. You are not going green but also being a true Nepali. Let’s build a new identity.

Want more?

Da Vinci is equipped with power steering, power break system, power windows and center locking system. It has reverse camera with sensors. Don’t miss the decently spaced trunk size, idea two to three bags.